Friday, November 2, 2012

Take One Island + A Warm Quilt and Stir

Internet is working properly (although the new printer is not wanting to cooperate wirelessly) and the septic is temporarily working until new parts can be installed next week. I do so appreciate my small island and the sense of family, even the businesses treat you as a neighbor when something goes wrong and you need assistance.   Really, coming out to check out my septic in the evening?

While writing my morning pages yesterday morning, I started listing some of the things making me happy and contented here, not the least of which was snuggling under an antique quilt while writing and even weaving.  All the love and good energy of the woman or women that made the quilt have seeped into its very fibers.  I just feel the connection as well as the warmth.

Now add to the mix some telephone chats with close friends, and life really is good.  Met with a new friend on the Island in the Village for apple cider as well.

And yes, I even worked a bit on my writing projects, wove some on the new cedar piece, and of course had a walk to the beach.  (Additional note to self:  I really, really need to not only get a tide chart but actually read it!!  Tide was extremely high, and storm brought in a ton of seaweed that covered the beach and driftwood.)

And on a random note: doesn't this mushroom (toadstool?) look like a pansy??

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