Friday, November 16, 2012

Ferry at Night


Bailey was not cooperating at all yesterday for the trip up to the island.  He actually hid, initiating a full-on game of hide-and-seek, with me being "IT", of course. Finally found him, easily got him into the carrier after that, and we made it to the ferry with time to spare.  So much for my bragging that he's such an unusual cat! 

He also talked quite a bit more on the way up.  I think, if I was interpreting it correctly, that he wasn't overly pleased that my husband was coming with us this trip.  The two of them were glaring at each other for most of the ride, as it was.  Yes, at certain points, I do question my sanity of insisting that the cat travel with me.  But only briefly.

We were the first car in the front and center of the ferry - and it was a bit unnerving to have front row seats as the captain navigated the black night and even blacker waters.  I think that was the first time I've been on a ferry at night, come to think of it.  And the first time in colder weather (it does cool down quickly, and you need to leave the motor off, so am making a  note to self to have a blanket in the car).  I realized that I my ferry travels have mostly been in the summer months. 

Which just makes me feel even more like an islander!  But we're settled in, unpacked, and already enjoying the peace and tranquility (including Bailey).  It is SO worth any hassle of getting here!

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