Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nancy Bingham - Potter

During the Artist Studio Tour in September, I met Nancy Bingham, an amazing potter, painter, and sculptor who conveniently lives on my road.  I bought just the perfect tea mug from her (and having the right tea mug is a huge part of my morning routine) that had a precious little bird on it.  I knew it was mine the minute that I saw it, since we live on Wren Road and my home is named Anadaré ("I will nest").  Since then, I have used that mug every morning while on the island.

Sadly, last Friday, while washing the dishes, a dish fell over in the dish drainer and knocked my little mug off the counter onto the floor, into a shocking number of pieces!  I told myself at the time, as some choice words were said, that I shouldn't get so attached to material things.

That same evening, while attending an artist reception for a new show in the village, I serendipitously  ran into Nancy.  I told her my tale of woe, and she graciously invited me to stop by the next day with the pieces, as she was just getting ready to make some more mugs and she would try to copy it.  I did, she will, and I'm feeling so blessed.  (Plus, when I walked up to her place from mine, she was in her kitchen just patching up a neighbor who had experienced a bad fall from her bicycle.  Nancy used to be an EMT - good to know!!!)

Isn't island life wonderful and connected??  If you'd like to contact Nancy to see more of her work, her email is naposaya@hotmail.com.  She is quite the talented artist, and friend.

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