Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving on the Rock

Preparations for Thanksgiving this year will be simpler, in keeping with island life.  My husband and I will feast alone, anticipating the arrival of the kids and grand kids the next day.  So we will have a small turkey - but one is still required even with only two of us, in order to have the requisite leftovers for the next day!

 I baked the apple pie on Wednesday, and set the table with the few decorations and candles that I brought for the occasion.  We did make one jaunt into the village for a couple of things that I forgot to bring.....and I think he needed to get out of the house for awhile.  I've been able to take walks and get down to the beach to view the stormy waves, but he's been house-bound as his knee heals from surgery.

So food preparations are not the main focus this year - such a nice reprieve.  Rather, we have time to talk about what we are truly grateful for, to recognize what we appreciate in our lives, and call our family and loved ones to tell them how important they are to us.  A quieter holiday offers time and space for peaceful contemplation.  Anadaré gives us the opportunity for reflection on the important things, on the relationships that we cherish, and the abundance in our lives.

What am I MOST grateful for, aside from my Faith, amazing family and friends? The opportunity to possess this glorious haven on The Rock - although it appears that I may be the one to have been possessed instead. 

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