Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hospital Pager

My time on the mainland is finding it's own rhythm - that of "taking care of business" (as I hum from Bachman-Turner Overdrive.....). 

My husband had to have minor knee surgery day before yesterday, but I'm afraid I couldn't take much of it too seriously, when (as I was the designated driver to take him home) they handed me a pager just like you get in a restaurant, to notify me in the waiting room or hospital grounds when he was ready to be picked up!  And I wasn't alone - most of us in the room would smile or chuckle when a beeper went off.  But really - if they are going to do that - perhaps they should at least offer some hors d'oeurves when we pick up the patient?  It's hard to break the trained response to the connection of the beeper and receiving food.
Okay, just my thoughts on progressive efficiency in the medical field.  And by the way, he is healing well, thank you.  (But our doggy bag to take home only held his no-slip socks and a prescription - rather disappointing.)

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Cora Bullock said...

I think the fact that they’re handing out these pagers in the waiting room of hospitals is really smart. Most times, a nurse or doctor would personally inform whoever is waiting, but that tends to draw attention that may not always be wanted. With these pagers, you get more privacy. Glad to know your husband’s knee is okay now!