Monday, November 12, 2012

Beaded Urn & Tide Tables

Tide tables!  I remembered to save the tide tables to my favorites list.  And would you know, they only pick a few specific areas to chart, so I would normally just choose one as close as possible to our place, but my little bay happens to be one of the ones that are listed.  And yes, I'm even noting the times of the low tides to be able to plan to get down to the beach for beachcombing.

We'll be on island for much longer this trip, so the preparations include not only groceries for a holiday meal, but arranging house and outdoor kitty sitting for the mainland house.  And of course, those endless lists in continuing to stock the island house.  Hmmm, need to remember a few holiday decorations this trip as well.

As I prepare for celebrating Thanksgiving, I mentally note all for which I am thankful - something I could do daily.  Our health (and the inconvenience after surgery is such a  good reminder of those things that we so readily take for granted), the abundance in our life, the gift of Anadaré, the time to weave and create, and of course my family and loved ones.

This weekend while caring for my dear husband post-surgery for his knee, I worked on some beading projects.  One is below - photo is from the pattern (mine isn't quite done - just missing the elongated crystal topper), but love the rather unusual little urn.  I learned a lot about shaping that will be put to good use in future projects!  It's about 2" high with out the topper.

Pattern may be purchased at;products_id=5956, if you are so inclined.

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