Thursday, November 29, 2012

Slow News Day

Oh my heavens - reading the news headlines on-line (MSN) is beginning to sound more like those titillating newspapers in the grocery store.

Read all about it: Pope has not canceled Christmas!

VATICAN CITY - And so it came to pass that in the eighth year of Pope Benedict's reign, some tabloid and social media decreed that he had canceled Christmas.
The day after Benedict's latest book "The Infancy Narratives - Jesus of Nazareth" - was published on November 20, Vatican officials found some headlines they were not expecting.
"Killjoy pope crushes Christmas nativity traditions," read one tabloid headline, claiming that Benedict had snubbed traditions such as animals in nativity scenes and carolling.
"Pope sets out to debunk Christmas myths," ran another.
Holy Scrooge! Some blogs unceremoniously branded Benedict the new Grinch that stole Christmas and one rocketed him to the "top of the grumpy list for 2012."

Young voters helped pass laws legalizing marijuana in Washington and Colorado, but many still won't be able to light up.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Most universities, including those in Washington and Colorado where the legalization of marijuana just passed, have codes of conduct banning marijuana use, and they get millions of dollars in funding from the federal government, which still considers pot illegal.
With the money comes a requirement for a drug-free campus, and the threat of expulsion for students using pot in the dorms.
Does the rise of PSY mean the world is ending?
PSY’s hit music video “Gangnam Style” is so popular that it has become YouTube’s most watched video with more than 835 million views. But will it be “Armageddon Style” on Dec. 21?

Social media is linking Nostradamus’ prophecies and pop star PSY's music video, and wondering whether it will hit 1 billion views on YouTube on Dec. 21, a date some people refer to as the day the world ends.
Nostradamus is credited with this prophecy in 1503:
"From the calm morning, the end will come
When of the dancing horse
The number of circles will be 9”

PSY is from South Korea, which translates to “calm morning,” and his music video “Gangnam Style” is about a horse-like dance. It has already garnered more than 800 million views and would be the first video to get 1 billion views on YouTube.
Nostradamus’ prophecies have been credited by many believers for predicting some major historical events and disasters, including the rise of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, and the Sept.11 attacks.

Christmas is cancelled!  It's the end of the world!  And oh darn - we still can't smoke pot.

Really?  I need to go find a good book.....

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