Friday, November 23, 2012

Apple Pie for Breakfast


Celebrating Thanksgiving with just the two us was really rather fun.  Breaking all the rules, we had apple pie ala mode for breakfast!  (Something I have always wanted to do, but of course, had to set a good example for the kids.  It was my idea - but dear husband readily agreed. And I'm not talking left-over pie.....the pie that I made for the Thanksgiving meal.)  Really, how different is that from having pastry or doughnuts for breakfast, though??

A walk to the beach, weaving on a cedar pouch,  a lovely turkey dinner, practicing the harp, and watching a movie.....all ingredients for a perfect day.  And interestingly enough, all of the wild turkeys have gone inland and evidently are laying low - maybe they aren't as stupid as everyone thinks.

Now looking forward to a visit from all the kids and introducing them to our island life.  And it will be nice to have our little house full of family for the first time - of many times to come, I hope.

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