Monday, November 5, 2012

Daylight SavingTime Ends

Daylight saving time by country as of October 2012
DST used
DST no longer used
DST never used
So, just out of curiosity, I checked into what countries actually use daylight saving time.  The above map is from Wikipedia.  Interesting that a large part of the world used to use it, but no longer do.  And of course, let's not forget that the hemispheres are on opposite schedules. (Want to keep that global perspective!!)
Why any of this came up is because without an offhand remark in one of the emails I received, I would have forgotten all about it.  (It's always nice to know the actual time when you have to coordinate with the ferry schedule.)  My time on the island is such an escape for me, that I could have easily been left behind...well, in this case, more accurately left ahead.

Although I realize that daylight saving time does in fact save alot of energy, I'm still not a big fan of having to 1) remember to change the clocks and 2) having my body reset it's internal clock.  The older I get, that harder the latter seems to be.  It will take me a few weeks to totally get re-adjusted.  At least the little saying "Spring Ahead, Fall Back" helps to figure out which way to reset the clocks.  We also have the additional problem that my dear husband collects clocks...resetting all of them is a job in itself!  Ah well, it's only twice a year.
Then there's the great mental exercise to try and remember just how to reset the clock in the dashboard of the car....shouldn't they make that a bit easier or at least more intuitive??

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