Monday, October 1, 2012


Today was a day of waiting – for the phone guy to come to fix the internet hookup, for the counter guys to come to finish the new counter, for the phone company manager to call back regarding the dreadful customer service we are receiving, for the counter guys to come back tomorrow to complete the work, for the phone company to maybe come tomorrow instead…..all small irritations that could normally cause me to feel unsettled.  But how can I be anything but peaceful, when I look out at this view?  Calmness simply pervades, and I quietly go about doing the small chores that I CAN do, and explore my forested lot, and wander down to the beach to receive emails so I can get on a conference call (since I still have no internet….or did I already mention that?).

But the sign is up on its perfect piece of driftwood, serenely waiting to welcome my family, friends, and  specially chosen artists in residence who want to breathe this salty air, experience the peace and tranquility, and get inspired by the absolute beauty of this retreat.  So yes, I do plan on sharing my bounty of living here!

(And now a drive into the village to use the library’s wi-fi.  But it won't download the picture of the stay tuned for that!  All part of life on the island.  )

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