Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Memories

Today, after water aerobics,  I finished weaving a second class basket sample for the teaching trip to Oregon, ordered some class materials (why DO I leave some of that to the last minute??), worked on a beading project for the bead retreat that is right after the Oregon retreat, and gathered more household items to take to the island.

One table cloth that I packed was my mother's, and I remember it from the kitchen table at Wollochet Bay as a child.  Interesting how we hold onto some things and let others go from our life.  But it's a simple, satisfying feeling to have this table linen filled with memories traveling to Anadaré with me.  Did we use more linens and doilies back then? Absolutely.  So it's a little thread bare and I think it has a hole or two in it.  Actually, I remember playing mahjongg on that table cloth with my parents and sister on the occasional, winter Sunday afternoon.....and oh so many card games and jigsaw puzzles. Good memories - may it be a starting place for all of the good memories I hope to create on the island.

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