Thursday, October 18, 2012

School Art Classes

Before I left the island this last time, I had an enlightening discussion about the art classes taught at the school on Lopez - grades K thru 12, with someone in the school district. For an island abounding with artists and craftsmen, not much actual art is being taught in their school!

Do the residents really know what is (or is not) on the curriculum? It's not for lack of a skilled teacher - it's apparently priorities, scheduling and funding. Just seems off to me. And worth some more discussion, obviously! Hmmmm, I can just see me stirring up trouble with this one. I'm not quite sure what my part will be in this, but I've been invited to visit the school, so we'll see what comes of that, and what opportunities it may provide. Who knows, maybe they DO know and just figure their kids will get enough exposure to the arts at home.

Which all begs the question of what art is being taught in the local schools here in my home district.  Why is this even important?  Wouldn't it be a gift to provide all students the opportunity to express their innate creativity and artistic expression, at least for awhile, before it is completely stifled by competition for grades, SAT scores, and getting into the right college?  I have some research to do.

Perhaps this is all part of that BALANCE thing I talked about earlier.  (And I will admit that I'm a little surprised that this topic has so grabbed my attention.)

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