Friday, October 12, 2012

Siren Call of the Island

A new goal:  to be able to go to the island without consulting a packing list!  That just may be a dream, but how nice to just pack some clothes, groceries, and go.  I'll share that day with you if it evers comes to fruition.  Just a thought as I add to the ever-growing list for my next trip up.

My husband is going to the island this weekend to do some work up there - install smoke detectors and do some minor repairs.  And I am completely jealous, because I have commitments here and can't go with him.  This is going to take alot of self-talk to be fully present in my meetings and classes while he is gone, and not resent the fact that I am here on the mainland.  Talk about the Siren's call!

So I will content myself with reviewing pictures of Anadaré nestled in the woods, and the beach with its beckoning views and driftwood.  Maybe I should make one of those pictures the wallpaper on my iphone?  Not sure if that constant reminder will help or hinder.

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