Monday, October 22, 2012

San Juan County Textile Guild

Back from a great teaching time at Rockaway Beach  - and yes, we did have some sunshine (well, some rain at night just like Camelot) but most of the time it was wonderful.  I am ablaze with new ideas, refreshed from being around so many artistic weavers, and filled with vivid images of their amazing creations.  (Making some money while there is also a plus.)

And who could have guessed that while in Oregon I would meet a group of basket makers from the other San Juan Islands??  All are members of the San Juan County Textile Guild.  Since members live on all the islands, some of the meetings are held on the ferries!  The thought just makes me smile.  So, yes, I'm excited to join their group.  The basket weavers are a sub-group of the main guild, and meet on Shaw Island to weave together once a month  Needless to say, that is going to be one of my priorities in scheduling my time on Lopez.

Life is full of delightful, serendipitous meetings!!

Rockaway Beach

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