Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pirouetting Fountain Pen

As I was writing my Morning Pages this morning (the primary tool of creative recovery as taught in The Artist's Way - writing three pages of stream of consciousness every morning to cleanse the junk running around in my head so the creativity has a chance to peep through), I started writing about my love of fountain pens.  Okay, well really, my fetish for fountain pens.  I do have quite a collection of them at this point.

So of course, I googled fountain pen fetish, and found there are a strangely large number of people that share my addiction.  No, I didn't find a 12 Step Program, but there are quite of few of us out there loose in society.
Also found a blog that speaks to my heart:
http://stationeryfetish.com/category/pens/fountain-pens/.  I have to share one posting here that so captures the essence of my relationship with fountain pens:

The pen is poised

The pen here looks like a ballerina en pointe, about to pirouette around the stage. What it’s going to write doesn’t matter as much as the act of writing itself.

"What are you going to 'write' in 'my life'?" by Dan L
On the days that I might find writing Morning Pages a bit tedious, I still show up to write, if only to use my favorite pen.  Love the imagery of pirouetting across the page.  Of course, having the right notebook helps, too...but that just might need to be for another blog.

If you have never written with a fountain pen, I so encourage you to try it.  It epitomizes expressive, flowing elegance. I can only hope that this might inspire some of you to try a fountain pen if you never have before.  Or for those that do have one, to dig it out, wipe it clean, fill it with new ink, and enjoy!



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