Sunday, September 30, 2012

On the Island

Sitting at my desk in the study in Anadaré, gazing at the ever changing view of the bays (this morning there is misty, low fog that softens the fields and trees and even the air around them), I am still in awe that I am really here.  The trip on the ferry was uneventful, a beautiful ride as always, and we quickly unloaded the truck. (Notice the “we”??  Okay, so I played manager and directed where things went.)  For ease in moving the furniture and conserving costs of a larger truck and even larger ferry costs, I had it all delivered unassembled.  My husband and bonus son had their work cut out for them – assembling the two beds alone until 1 a.m.!  (To their credit, they are both very adept at assembling… they just accused me of choosing the beds by the number of pieces they required.)  But we had gorgeous and comfortable pedestal beds to sleep in that night.

The next day my husband took the truck back to the nearest dealer, a feat requiring negotiating 5 hours of travel and ferry time.  Son and I continued with assembling furniture, but took a break to go to the beach, and found the perfect piece of driftwood to hold our house sign and number.  Just two hold-ups so far – the repairs to the kitchen counter (which will be complete on Monday, so couldn’t unpack the kitchen or cook all weekend) and the stupid, malfunctioning modem that the phone guy will also fix on Monday, so I will have internet service at the house.

But how can I complain when I’ve seen otters playing at my beach, heard an eagle, saw wild turkey, dragonflies (they still enthrall me) and of course the deer, and have these sunsets to inspire?  Oh yes, and the ever growing pile of driftwood I’m collecting….

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