Friday, October 5, 2012

Bailey the Cat

Not sure if I mentioned that Bailey, my rather odd cat (oxymoron? redundant?) has been making the trek to the island with me.  The first time when we were painting, he spent 1/2 of the first day beside the toilet, peeking around the corner.  After that, it was like he owned the place.  The next trip up last week, he stepped out of his carrier, looked around as if to say "I know this place" and immediately made himself at home. 

I decided to try taking him with me, because he and my husband are not overly fond of each other.  When I travel to teach, they never see the other....somehow avoiding each other for a week at a time.  At home, Bailey does follow me from room to room like a dog, so I thought it was worth a try to see if he could handle the voyage to the island.

He loves the bay window in the front, which goes down to the floor.  He can lay there and survey the view.  He's intrigued with the horses in the far pasture (I'm not sure he understands the perspective issue so perhaps they appear to be mice to him??), all the birds, and the deer that come right up to the low deck and are eye level.  But he does NOT like the wild turkeys.....he'll glare at them while backing away, as if thinking that birds that size are really, really wrong.

So to make his journey to the island a bit more comfortable, I cut down an old pillow this morning to pad his kitty carrier.  Actually it looks pretty comfy!  The car ride is not his favorite thing to do, but at least he doesn't yowl in protest.  He just meows occasionally, asking (I'm sure) - Are we there yet??

And he does like the shower in the main bathroom at Anadaré.  What?  Your cat doesn't take showers with you?  (I told you he was odd.)  The tub has a built-in step on the outside of it, so it's easier for him to get up on the rim of the tub and lounge there to stick his paws in occasionally if I'm taking a bath, or patrol the rim if I'm in the shower and stick his head and half his body around to get wet.

One more item off the list for the trip up tomorrow!

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