Monday, October 15, 2012

Chicken Drop

My husband returned from the island with tales of Octoberfest.  One of the betting games was "Chicken Drop".  Wondering what in the world that entailed (no pun intended), he wandered over to watch.  Obviously, the imagination was running wild, but he was pretty sure it would not include any danger or abuse to the creature. 

There was a cage with numbers written in squares on the ground.  Bets were placed by picking the "winning" number. They released a chicken into the pen, and within 3 - 5 minutes (really!!), the chicken pooped.  Whoever picked the number of the square where the poop landed, won a t-shirt.  Ah,  the creativity of island life!  (I did ask what kind of chicken they used, but since my husband did not grow up on a farm, all I got was that it had black feet.)

I had to look on-line to see if any place else in the world plays this game.  Evidently it was created in Belize in 1988, and is their most popular gambling attraction.  And so my education continues - in some rather absurd and unexpected directions.

Obviously, next year, I most definitely need to be on the island for Octoberfest!

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