Monday, October 29, 2012

Mountain of Creativity


Just returned from the Northwest Bead Society Retreat on Vashon Island.  What an amazing group of gifted beaders!  My idea notebook is full of books to buy, techniques to try - and yes, projects to finish.  The unfinished projects will wend their way north with me this week when I return to Lopez.

While on retreat, we had some interesting discussions on creativity, inspiration, and what prompts us to create, call ourselves an artist, and be vulnerable to the public eye.  Obviously there isn't just one simple answer to this, and everyone seems to get there by their own path.  But I still think there must be some commonalities for all of us.

In spite of all the other things going on in our lives (family crises, health issues, financial concerns), we still climb that mountain of creativity.  Something greater than ourselves invites us upward.  What is it, exactly, that drives us?  Certainly not profit (for most of us), and it's not that it's easy.  It's showing up, doing the work, and listening to that wee voice of inspiration, and riding that glorious but infrequent updraft of the blast of insight.

I suppose if we could tame it, and name it, it wouldn't be creativity, would it??

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