Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simpler Life

Finally have internet service!  No thanks at all to CenturyLink in general, but a huge thanks to Jonathon in data technical support.  Still can't figure out why no one else could get it fixed on my first through third calls, but it is working now!

Another productive day.  Sorry, no photos just yet - one piece is for a show that no one can see ahead of time, and the other is just not quite done.  But here is a portion of my walk to the beach instead.
How could you NOT head to the beach each day with this beckoning????

Have been thinking all day how living this quieter, simpler life makes me want to reach out to friends, both old and new, spend more quality time in prayer, and just helps me reflect on what 's important in life and get some priorities straight.  Maybe it's because I have so many balls I'm trying to keep in the air at home, this time apart lets me just be.  This is not to make excuses, it's just easier to hear my head and heart and act accordingly I think. I know, I can't blame my busy life on anyone but myself.  Maybe I need both worlds - at least for now???

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