Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Driftwood Zen

Back on the mainland, which feels more like my "temporary" home now, I'm happily planning the return trip to the island.   I almost feel lightheaded at times, possibly from this shifting of reality.  I want to be fully present in each part of my life, but  it's taking some effort, that is certain.  I"m sure we're all tired of my on-going saga in trying to get internet access, so suffice it to say that I'm not at all impressed with the customer service by CenturyLink.  I AM impressed, however, that I haven't gone into Dragon Lady mode with them.....yet. (So now the next possible connection will be next Monday.  More opportunity to breathe and take it all in stride.  Who knew this would be one of the hurdles of island life??)

Back to the main point of all this - creating!  My first new piece will obviously need to incorporate driftwood.  I've collected several pieces that are "speaking" to me, so I'm eager to sit down and let them come to be.  But I have far more sketches for ideas than I can probably ever weave - wall hangings, book ends, and of course baskets. One delightful part of this process is that I am surrounded by these wooden, wave tossed treasures - their rough edges worn smooth, forming such unique shapes.  This couldn't be a metaphor for the my sharp edges being softened, gaining patience with this process, could it???

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