Monday, October 8, 2012

Working View

My first full day on the island, all alone and actually working!  Wow, if you can even call it work.  I woke up to an amazing view of the bay, watched the birds flit through my trees and field (yes, I bought a bird book….still trying to identify some of them), and worked on a beading project for 3 hours.  A neighbor stopped by late morning for a visit, then I worked until 4, beading a bit more and working on the rim for the 9 Petal Based basket.

At that point, I figured I had earned a trip to the beach, so I drove the couple of miles to Agate Beach.  The tide was high, so it was tough looking for agates.  But the view there is breathtaking.  Note to self:  get a tide chart.

Aside from the call of the beach, there are no distractions (TV or even internet, yet), so really all there is to do is work.  Well, okay, I did dance a little bit to some music.  But it’s so pleasant to weave a bit, then look up and absorb the calm of the bay or bunnies playing in the field.  And I’m not tied to any schedule.  Here is my view for weaving:

Today definitely put a smile on my face.  And it even was quite productive!

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