Friday, November 1, 2013

Yarn & Unfinished Projects

What is it about unfinished objects or projects (UFO's)?  I know they are there, lurking in the background, taking up space as well as my energy in avoiding them.

Yesterday I straightened out my bags and piles of yarn - projects left undone, purchases of scrumptious yarns that don't have an assigned project yet, and amazingly a variety of tools and crochet hooks amongst it all!  I want to start a knitted sampler afghan, but thought I'd better take stock first.

So...I now have the yarns awaiting inspiration in a large plastic bin (that even has storage space on the shelf because I already had emptied it of extraneous weaving materials and gave it all away), the FIVE unfinished projects collected and in separate bags, with their instructions, to be tackled one at a time, and a much clearer conscience on what exactly was in that corner that held stacks of various bags.  Honestly, I was fearful that it would produce many more projects than just 5!

I decided that  I'll complete two of the projects, then give myself permission to begin the knitted afghan.  The remaining three UFO's are at least ready to work on as "ferry" projects.

An inventory

                  A plan

                                       A semblance of control

HOWEVER..... I still need to sort out the UFO's for beading, knotting, and weaving.  So I'm not quite ready to pat myself on the back too much.

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