Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Art Isn't Just About Making Things

I'm knee deep in the "other" side of art-making....the planning, paperwork, proposals, inventory of materials, and usage charts.  Don't get me wrong, I happen to enjoy being organized, working with spreadsheets (now for materials and travel costs rather than collections and high finance as in my past).  It helps me feel centered to know what I will require in the next few months, have a record of what is on hand, and place the orders for what is needed.  There is nothing worse to me than to have the nagging, constant worry in the back of my mind that I might not have enough material for the classes coming up.

And after all is planned, ordered, received and organized, then comes the task of making up the kits.  Ah, eventually I also get to weave again:  the new class baskets, the experimental new ideas, the new "art" pieces.

It's all part of the process, and most of the time I enjoy each step.  I'm itching to get weaving and finish up some uncompleted projects.

But for right now...I'm going to go take inventory.

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