Friday, November 15, 2013

Sophie's Great Adventure

Settling in on the island last night had a few ups and downs.

The electricity went out after an hour of working just fine....but only at my house, not at the neighbors. Silver lining:  I know where the flashlights, candles, and lighter are. 

When my husband arrived, Sophie escaped to the out of doors (previous owners declawed her, so she is totally an indoor kitty).  So with a flashlight, and after much adventuring and soothing persuasion, I finally corralled her onto the porch and got her inside. 

Eventually I figured out that we have two, not one, main breakers for the house, so the electricity issue was resolved.  Sophie in the mean time was yowling to go back outside and continue her explorations.  It took a lot of loving attention and lap time to restore order to the household.  Silver lining:  knowing where all main breakers are and snuggling time with kitty.

Life is in the little things, isn't it?

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