Thursday, November 21, 2013

Making Progress on the Book

Had a delightful surprise yesterday as I settled down to my new self-imposed routine of working on the book.  I'm setting aside one hour in the morning to work on it, no matter what, but anticipating the usual frustration and struggle.  That I didn't come up for air until three hours later can be attributed solely, I know, to the restructuring and re-organization of the chapters that had come in a flash of insight on one of my trips.

Now I'm eager to work on it, because I'm clearer on the progression of what needs to be done.

And oh my yes, so very much needs to be done.

I'm no where near ready to "write", and the more research I do, the more I discover new paths to follow.

But just thinking and worrying about it certainly wasn't getting anything accomplished.  I've had the inspiration (and I'm sure more will come).  For now, I'm in the "perspiration" phase....

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