Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Write a Book?

Having been asked the question several times now of why I am writing a book, being required to answer has been very helpful in clarifying the strength of the concept of the book.  That I can now explain what the book is about in one sentence is sure reinforcement that I do have a clear idea of my message: Exploring lattice twining bound weaves - their history, the variety of cultures that used them, and my own designs in contemporary basket patterns including weaving instructions utilizing the various bound weaves discovered.

Writing a book is a long process, requiring a long attention span.  It certainly helps that I am nothing if not an organized person.  So working on the proposal is even enjoyable for me:  the concept, outlining the book itself, the potential market, production details, the table of contents, and the chapter summaries.

People write books for different reasons.  There are some for whom holding the finished product in their hands is the goal.  Others love the process of writing. For still others they believe in their message and need to share it with others, in spite of the hassle of writing.  Some, I suppose, write because it is expected of them.

For me, I want to share my love of bound weaves in contemporary basketry.  I'm enthralled with the various related techniques of lattice twining. To be honest, I actually also love the challenge of creating new designs to reflect these techniques in new ways and materials.

And at this very beginning place of researching and discovering something new every day as I work still in the planning stages of the book, I am hooked. Oh yes, it would be lovely to eventually hold my book in my hands.  But for right now, I'm loving the process, and the discovery.

Hopefully I can hold onto this pleasure and enjoy each step of the process as I go.

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