Monday, November 18, 2013

Moderate Routines

On the island full-time now, and I'm a bit resistant to setting up too many routines.  The island is the epitome of peace and freedom, so how am I supposed to be strict with myself and regulate my days??

But then how is my book ever going to be written if I don't create the time for it? There is much weaving to be done, and deadlines to meet.  I need to channel some inner moderation, value the quiet, but at the same time be firm enough to set some boundaries.

To date, I truly have been gentle with myself, working on pretty much whatever I wanted to while on-island.  This IS my life now.  While I don't want to over-schedule or over-manage my time, there is a happy medium out there just waiting to be found.

As the sky slowly lightens over the bay, and the deer munch in my front yard, I am taking my Day Timer in hand and graphing out a moderate schedule for myself, at least to get started.  And yes, even an artist needs a Day Timer.

It's time to break some of my already formed, too lenient habits and get my act together.

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