Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Filling the Bird Feeder

Part of my morning routine now incorporates filling the bird feeder, usually every other day.  As I ponder buying seed in bulk, the problems and awkwardness of filling the feeder will only increase.  So with a bit of research (of course), I think the problem may be solved!

A Simple Solution for Filling Bird Feeders

I have eight multi-perch tubular feeders around my back yard which I fill with black oil sunflower seed. The heavy bird population we have can empty these feeders once a week and filling them keeps me busy.
I have over the years wrestled with how to efficiently get the seed into the feeders without spilling most of it on the ground. It is difficult as all of my feeders are suspended on wire from overhead tree limbs (to keep the squirrels off the feeder).
I now use a helpful tool which works quite well and is easy to make at home.
I would like to share it with you:
1. Start with a half-gallon, plastic milk container.
2. Half way between the bottom of the container and the mouth draw a line completely around the perimeter of the container.
3. Using a utility knife cut around the line severing the container in half.
4. The top half of the container, including the plastic lid, is now ready to be used as a scoop for getting the bird seed from bulk containers.
5. Hold the scoop by the milk container's original handle, but now, in an upside down position.
6. Use the scoop to obtain seed from bulk containers ( 25 pound bucket or bag of seed).
7. For the typical tubular feeder filling the scoop to the brim holds just the right quantity for completely filling the feeder.
8. Remove the top of the tubular feeder.
9. Position the lid of seed filled scoop over the the opening at the top of the feeder.
10. Holding the scoop in one hand, remove the lid from the scoop with the other hand. allowing the seed to flow from the scoop into the feeder, with no spills.
As previously mentioned, this scoop will hold just the right amount of feed to fill to the brim the typical, 3 1/2 diameter, multi-perch feeder. For larger feeders replace the lid, re-scoop and reload.
This works quite well for me.
I also use the bottom half of the milk container as water dish for my wild birds.
I hope this works for you as well.

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