Thursday, November 14, 2013

Enough Traveling - Back to the Island

So enough traveling already - Sophie and I are heading back to the island today, to settle in for the winter.  All my newly started projects, materials for an abundance of Christmas gifts to make, and supplies for holiday baking don't leave much room for too much else in the car. My priorities couldn't be clearer!  On the next trip to the mainland for some appointments, I'll pack up some of the plants.

With my teaching starting up again in February, I know I'll have to be traveling again.  But for now I'm looking forward to celebrating a quiet birthday and Thanksgiving island-style.  Working on the book, completing UFO's (unfinished objects), making gifts (I'll share after Christmas what they are), weaving on a large project, practicing the harp, taking long walks, sitting by the fire.....ah, yes!  THIS is my island life I've wanted.  Family will be joining me here and there to add laughter and love.  Maybe a little snow?


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