Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thoughts for 2014 - Balance

Having a hard time with the title of New Year's Resolutions (there seems to be a direct correlation for me between the word resolution and the guarantee that it will be broken), my "Thoughts" for 2014, while ever-expanding and evolving, at this moment include:

January Money Diet (see December 31st post)
Simplify possessions
Live mindfully: a healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise, sleep

And my word for the year 2014:  Balance.

I have found that a word, instead of a long list of "shoulds", is much easier to keep in mind.  It also evolves as the year progresses, transforming itself as I grow and change.

 For now,I anticipate that balance will include my eating and exercise, my spending and possessions, and writing, teaching, and designing.

  And yes, the humor does not escape me that if I had had "balance" as my word last year, perhaps I would not have broken my leg! (Although my word for 2013 of Simplify was certainly reinforced by that event.)

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