Friday, January 17, 2014

Food Cravings - Nutritionally Based?

This is one topic for which I can find little on the internet to reinforce my views.  I truly believe that my body craves the specific foods that it needs when it is healing.  These last few days I've been craving fruit.  I normally never crave fruit.  I think it needs those nutrients right now to combat the flu.

When I was recovering from surgery years ago, I craved shredded wheat (with very little milk), tuna fish, and green salads with a little cheese - every single day.  I could actually eat very little at the time, but those were the only foods that I wanted or could handle eating.  Apparently they were just the right combo of nutrients that my body needed to heal - and it did heal amazingly quickly.

But most of the articles on the internet talk about cravings as psychological indicators of other things.

I'm not convinced.  Oh sure, I know that craving chocolate would not necessarily be a healing choice.  And I certainly do have occasional cravings that are NOT healthy choices.  But when my body really needs to heal, and I'm paying attention, I am convinced that it will lead me to the best choices in food for my recovery.

So I'll just stay in my own little bubble of belief.  I'm working hard to be in tune with my body and listen to it.  And I need to feel better....I have work to do, kits to make, baskets to weave!

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