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Slower & Simpler - Live Like You're on Vacation

I found this wonderful article on living like you're on vacation - basically slowing down and living in the moment. So at any time in my day, if I'm stressed or rushed, perhaps I can ask myself:  what would I be doing if I were on vacation?  What would I do differently??


Feeling like you are needing a vacation but can’t seem to get away at the moment? I’ve got some tips for you that help you feel like you are always on vacation!
Remember my post from the other week about living in Vacation City and how I said I was going to write a post about how to live like you are on vacation… well I pulled through and put one together for you. The following tips are just that, tips. The real feeling has got to come from within. You have to make the effort to feel like you are living a life like you are on vacation. If you continuously find that you hate where you live… you may want to consider moving… just sayin’. I hope these little tidbits bring you some joy!
7 Tips to Living Like You're On Vacation | The Wellness Doer
1. Morning Rituals
I find this one to be a big deal. Maybe when we are vacationing we don’t have necessarily “morning rituals” but I believe this may be the easiest way to live like you are on vacation. How the morning starts will set the tone for the whole day, so be careful. I will set my alarm earlier than I need to get up so I have that extra time. Sometimes yes, it’s hard to get out of bed but once I do I am so grateful to have that time. You can sit and eat breakfast, while you read the paper. Sip your coffee, maybe even play with the dog. Find the things that you love to do that has you feeling like you’re off to a good start. I like to do a meditation in the morning at a little yoga. It slows me down and has me be more present… just as if I’m on vacation!
Here are some more tips to making your morning better.
7 Tips to Living Like You're On Vacation | The Wellness Doer
2. Take Your Time
The one thing I always notice when I’m traveling is how much slower I move… and I love it! It takes longer to eat, you stroll instead of a fast walk, you may even stop to smell the roses. That’s the point. We love vacationing so much because we have a chance to slow down. When we do that we take more in, we experience more and some how we (or at least I do) feel like we have more time. In our home lives we tend to rush, slow it down a little. Eat slower, walk slower and maybe even stop and smell the roses.
7 Tips to Living Like You're On Vacation | The Wellness Doer
3. Explore
I feel extremely blessed to be living in San Diego, to have so many things to do here. Balboa Park, Downtown, La Jolla, North County, all the hiking trails, beaches and endless restaurants. Any given day we can drive to La Jolla and jump in a kayak. There is always something happening here… my point? Not everyone has these opportunities at their figure tips. But… I guarantee you that your town or somewhere near by as something that has yet to be explored. Think outside the box… it doesn’t always have to be the things that attract tourists.
Also a side note on this one… weekend get-a-ways are a life saver! Go camp somewhere for a night or stay in a funky hotel somewhere. You don’t need to go far but sometimes it’s good to get out of town even if it’s just for a night or two.
7 Tips to Living Like You're On Vacation | The Wellness Doer
4. SleepYes. That’s not really a hard one is it? Most of us are sleep deprived anyway… so get some freak’n sleep! Find time to nap. When I’m at work I will sometimes sneak away and nap in my car. It seriously is a little slice of heaven. It is rejuvenating and sometimes will help us be more productive. If you can’t nap at least get to bed a little earlier. Figure out (or hopefully you already know) how many hours of sleep you need and aim to get that as many nights as possible. When we are on vacation it seems like we can sleep for days right… our bodies need rest, give it the rest it needs.
7 Tips to Living Like You're On Vacation | The Wellness Doer
5. Get Lost
In our day to day lives we tend to do everything the same… especially when we drive somewhere. We always take the the same route. When we are on vacation we don’t always know where we are going do we? So why not get lost at home? Leave a little earlier for work and take a different route or instead of jumping on the freeway (there’s usually traffic anyway), take side streets. On days off jump in the car and just drive… see what happens. You never know what you will find. At the very least you’ll be boosting your brain power!
7 Tips to Living Like You're On Vacation | The Wellness Doer
6. Turn Off the T.V.
We don’t go on vacation to watch T.V. So why is it that our idea of unwinding from a long day is to sit and watch T.V.? I’m sorry folks but TV rots our minds. Most of it is bulls–t and in the end doesn’t do us a damn bit of good. If anything we are looking for it to relax us but only to find it just ends up making us more crazy. Turn it off. Get outside, go for a walk with loved ones. Play games or read a book. What brings you joy… please don’t say TV… maybe a bobbie. Unwind from a busy day with that. Or at the very least a good movie and a snuggle buddy. Remember… you’re living like you are on vacation and in vacation world TV’s don’t usually exist.
7 Tips to Living Like You're On Vacation | The Wellness Doer
7. Try Something New
When on vacation we get to try all sorts of new restaurants and cafe’s. I’m not saying to go out to eat all the time but when you do make it a point to go to a different place each time. When you are at home maybe experiment with cooking foods from different countries and having a theme dinner. Sip a glass of wine on your patio and maybe ditch the Starbucks and start buying coffee from that little mom-n-pop coffee shop in town. You’ll most likely get that traveling/vacationy feeling.
All in all I think the theme here is to not get stuck in routine. We all have the things that we like but that doesn’t mean we can’t find new things to like too. You can always go back. Be grateful for what is around you and look for the beauty in everything. Shift your perspective. Think back to when you were last traveling and what feelings you felt. You can feel that anywhere… remember… you create your reality, so create as if you are always on vacation (if that’s what you want of course).

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