Saturday, January 25, 2014

Don't Save Stickers / Use the Candles

Part of my thoughts for 2014 is to use what I already have.  Stuff that I've been saving.....for whenever.  This means to use the china more often, to drink from crystal.  I have collected notebooks with soft leather binding, and will now use them, even if it isn't for anything profound.

I just put out some candles, and actually lit them.  Using some of the excess that I already have is freeing, as well as a special treat.  I want to use things before it is too late - before either the fun is gone or they've melted??

There is a delightful article about this:

It feels almost decadent to use some of these things, because I treasure them.  The joy of touching them and using them definitely outweighs the fear of keeping them safe for that perfect the future... that "one day".

Let today be that one day......for a few things, at least.

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