Monday, January 13, 2014

My Recent Vacation in Mexico

Knowing that I would be unavailable to post to my blog while in Mexico, I pre-posted for last week.  My vacation highlights are below.  And my January Money Diet was in full effect - free room with friends, used mileage for the flight, we ate in the room for most meals, and only purchased pre-planned items to replace some worn out counterparts at home...which will be tossed out.

Even I'm impressed and pleased with the stop of in-flow, especially on vacation.  I gave myself permission to fully embrace and enjoy everything with my eyes...I just don't need to bring it home with me.  So I really had to "look" at the item that my first impulse was to buy, and then easily let it go and walk away.

Some photo memories of my blissfully warm week in Nuevo Vallarta are below.  About all I accomplished was reading both Fall of Giants and Winter of the World by Ken Follett, and taking a towel and napkin folding class....besides getting warm and totally relaxed.  And learning that iguanas can run across the bottom of a pool underwater....

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Anonymous said...

We had a great time, really miss the beautiful view from our room. Your pictures are great! So sorry you are sick, Love, Sis