Monday, January 27, 2014

Life Is Complicated

As I'm back on the mainland for a few days for board meetings and appointments, plus dealing with a bit of grogginess from the flu and bronchitis, it occurs to me just how complicated life really is.  Just to function at the expected basic level, we need electronics, apps, passwords, immediate recall, with information and schedules at our fingertips.

I praise the island life for eliminating cell phone calls and most texts, for slowing things down.  But obviously I'm not totally unplugged.  Or is it just returning to the mainland, where life continues to zoom along and upon arrival any visitor is expected to immediately get right back into the flow?

I even dreamed about it last night, all the rush and "fast speak" and schedules.

Evidently I need to better prepare myself when I re-enter this mode of life, to avoid some of the culture shock.  Perhaps it's because I'm not feeling quite 100% yet.  Or maybe I've just gained a new perspective on how crazy we've let our lives become.

OR, heaven forbid, I'm just getting old????????


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