Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's Not Even Sunday

My Sunday posts are the ones dedicated to slower and simpler living.  I know it's not Sunday yet, but yesterday I actually practiced what I preach and it felt wonderful.

As I walked into my office, I passed (as usual) a box and some other miscellaneous stuff on the floor, and noted once again my irritation with the clutter.  I sat down to work, and simply stopped. What was that I used to teach in my seminars?  Oh yeah - start cleaning or decluttering those areas that bother you most.  I stopped what I was doing, and in 10 minutes, had that entire corner of the office cleaned up.  Really?? All the energy I've expended in trying to ignore the mess was corrected in a few minutes???  Why do I forget these simple remedies?

Having worked for awhile, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Again, I noted in passing the counter under the microwave and it's accumulated "stuff". And I also realized it was the next most irksome area that needed attention.  Instead of ignoring the problem, since I had had such great success in the office, I took a few minutes in sorting, disposing, and clearing away the mess.  Wow!

Simply clearing away the small areas that are the most irksome is so freeing.  Key word is small area - I'm not ready to tackle an entire room, from the aspect of time and energy.  But every job can be broken down into doable, 10 minute tasks.  And cleaning away what bothers me most has immediate benefits. Having removed the irritation, and feeling successful, I can then go about my day.

Yesterday's Lesson:  Stop ignoring the bothersome areas of my life and take a few minutes, if not daily then at least weekly, to tackle the most irksome.  Really, how hard is that??

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