Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thoughts on Mobility

Having restricted mobility for so long (in the 5th week) leads to philosophical thinking about any number of things, most of which, not surprisingly, center around mobility.

-  Plan ahead. 
      I only make well thought out trips, even to the next room.  Do I have everything I need for the journey?  Have I grouped all my tasks into one trip?  And most importantly, do I have the means to carry and/or accomplish my tasks once I get there?

-  Spread out tasks.
     Standing on one foot for any length of time is very tiring.  So if I want to take a shower, I need to not schedule another activity that requires standing immediately before or after my shower.

-  Prioritize
     Do I really, really need to go get that item - which more than likely is two floors down from where I am?  Could something else work in it's stead?  Better yet, do I need to do whatever it was in the first place?

-  Accept help
    This is a tough one for me.  I admit that I am rather independent, and having to rely on assistance for most things is difficult.

-  Control negative emotions
    No one wants to hear someone else complain, and I even don't like to complain to myself.  What a learning ground to temper the complaints and remember what my mom told me:  if you can't say anything nice (or pleasant), don't say anything at all.

-  Remain optimistic
     Usually this is easy for me, and I'd like to think that I'm doing pretty well.  But there are times, or days, that I have to do some self-talk.  And I remind myself that there are oh so many other folks that are so much worse off than myself.

-  Maintain perspective
     This is not a life-long sentence.  I will heal - eventually.

-  Be thankful
    I remind myself of all that I am thankful for - my general health, my family and friends so willing to help, and so many projects available to keep me busy.

All in all - not a bad list for just life in general, I'm thinking.

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