Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sophie's Big Day

Sophie has had quite the day.  Nestled in her kitty bed on the footstool in front of the front window, she has the perfect observation post.

 Of course there are all the little birds flitting around. 

Then the wild turkeys come to call.  THOSE certainly gain her attention.  One can only surmise what she thinks about birds that size. (She glares at me after I chase them off the deck - but really - they make such a mess.)

The deer then stroll by, stopping to munch on the tender new ferns just off the deck.  Sophie is entranced.

A hawk swoops over the deck, repeatedly, searching for a tasty morsel in the field across the lane.  It must be something innate, because that makes Sophie nervous.

The geese, honking noisily, fly into the neighbor's pond.

Then a neighbor walks by with a dog.  Sophie usually sits up straight at that point.

And then the entertainment starts all over again.

Oh, so much to supervise for one small kitty.  Her cat naps are well-earned.

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