Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Island Roofing

It was a beautiful, sunny day to come to the island yesterday.  Upon arrival, we checked out the new roof, installed since my last visit.  The new skylight in the living room was so light and clear!  The skylight in the bathroom was even clearer....until we realized there was no glass there at all - just an open hole to the sky!

So we thought possibly the workmen had just been there and stopped for a lunch break.  We waited.  Finally I called them,  leaving a pleasant message just wondering about the status of completing the skylight....after all, it WAS a sunny day.

Their return call still makes me chuckle (and why, exactly, I find this so amusing is beyond me).  I asked when they were going to finish the skylight.  They said they were done.  I said there was no glass in it - we had an open hole.  There was a very, very long, pregnant pause on the other end of the phone.  Finally they said they would be right there.

The glass simply had slid off of the roof, before the glue had set.  Really??  (And fell to the ground, but amazingly didn't break.)  Needless to say, the workers were much chagrined.

So we have plastic covering the hole in the roof at the moment, and they will come this morning to reset the glass, after they have figured out how to get the silicon off of it.

My only thought:  what if we hadn't come up this week? It's supposed to rain by the weekend.  The potential mess, hassle, and damage is staggering.  And still - I can't help but smile when I think about that phone call.  My sense of humor truly must be warped.

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