Monday, April 22, 2013

The Island Beckons

At last..... packing to return to Lopez tomorrow!!  It's still a challenge on crutches, but I've learned to understand that I can eventually get things done...they just take so much longer to accomplish.  (I well never, ever, take mobility for granted again!)

The packing list includes a new class basket, an oval "art" piece, doilies and crocheted pieces to block, crocheted baby blanket in-progress, and the yarn and yarn winder for the sally bag I am designing and will only permit myself to start if I get the class basket done.

Projects for Anadaré itself on this trip include an appointment with the exterminator to convince the sugar ants to find a new home, and check on the new roof that was just installed.  I'm sure the landscaping needs a bit of attention, but I'm not sure how much I can do on crutches.

The weather should be sunny- and even if I can't climb around on the beach, I can definitely appreciate the view.

We will, however, stick close to the cabin on Saturday - it's the Tour de Lopez, and driving with all of the bicyclists will be more of a challenge than we probably want!

Bike Tour of Lopez Island April 27, 2013. The Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce is hosting the 10th annual “Tour De Lopez”. This popular ride is a non-competitive rural road tour with marked short and long routes on public county roads through the scenic landscape of Lopez Island.

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