Friday, April 26, 2013

Basket Day on Shaw Island

My husband and I went to Basket Day (part of San Juan County Textile Guild) on Shaw Island yesterday.  Unfortunately, he didn't get the thrill of walking onto the ferry and chatting with the ferry workers (always interested when we go basket weaving between islands).  But he did get to experience the twirl of the finger as they direct us to drive around the entire ferry to be facing the correct direction.

There is such a contentment, spending a day and weaving with like-minded folks.  Chatting, sharing, learning what is going on in the San Juans, and helping one another on projects.  My husband was working on a small Sally bag under my supervision.  I worked on a class basket - The Dance.  Others worked on kits, or their own projects. 

A beautiful sunny day, traveling by ferry, spending time with friends.  Lovely.

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