Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recommended Reading

My favorite genre in reading is historical fiction - if it is well-researched.

I just finished  The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman .  It is poignant and very well written.

In pre-war Prague, the dreams of two young lovers are shattered when they are separated by the Nazi invasion. Then, decades later, thousands of miles away in New York, there's an inescapable glance of recognition between two strangers...

Currently I'm listening to Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers, and recommend it as well.

In the year 70, Roman legions surrounded a Jewish settlement of 960 people who had taken refuge on a plateau on the edge of the Judean Desert. Driven from Jerusalem, the people of Masada had created a fortress they hoped would protect them from the Roman invaders. In the end, just two women and five children survived.
Alice Hoffman weaves fiction and fact in The Dovekeepers, a thrilling, passionate saga of four women who come together to tend the doves in Masada. Using the only written account of the siege, Hoffman salts her fictional tale with archaeological artifacts found at Masada — a swatch of tartan cloth; inscribed pottery shards; a pair of sandals — to imagine how the seven might have survived. And how the end came for others.

The Dovekeepers

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