Saturday, July 12, 2014


Knowing that one day I will need and want to move on from my basketry technique of choice (lattice twining), I always thought it would be to some other weaving technique.  But maybe not.  As I gather a little experience on my own, out of necessity, of smoothing and roughly finishing driftwood, myrtle wood slabs and now madrone slabs for bases for my baskets, the pull of working with wood is almost visceral.

It intrigues me.  I'm not attracted by large pieces and making furniture.  I want to carve, shape, and play with smaller items.  It's a similar curiosity and and almost siren's call that attracted me to lattice twining, which has taken me on an amazing journey of discovery.  One that I could not have imagined.

There is still much that I want to do with lattice twining and bound weaves, but I definitely foresee wood in my future.

Some inspirational pieces (very, very far beyond my ken at the moment):



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