Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An Early Fog-ust

It may only be July, but we're having an early Fog-ust this morning:

In the San Juan Islands, some residents call August-'Fog-ust'. Why all the fog here in August?
Oddly enough, it's because we have fewer weather systems that produce thick clouds and rainfall. Since there's cooler water off the coast of Washington, the high pressure systems that take up long-term residence off the coast is able to drive that shallow layer of moist ocean air inland, where it cools and condenses into fog overnight. That's able to happen since skies above are mostly clear, allowing for rapid 'radiational' cooling.  Jeff Renner

I know I posted this last year, but in the middle of summer, and since it's only July, it still surprises me to wake up to a dense fog.  Yes, it will assuredly burn off to reveal a gloriously sunny day.  But for now, my world is softly blanketed.  I'm content, but I'm sure the ferry workers and riders aren't so happy, as indicated by their fog horns in the distance.

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