Friday, July 4, 2014

Many Independence Days

Today, the 4th of July, is our (America's) Independence Day.  Since I prefer to think more globally these days (we are all one human family, the leaves of one tree), the first step was to explore how the rest of the world recognizes its national or independence days.  The map below denotes those countries and their determination of what to celebrate:

More information on this may be found at

For me personally, I would prefer that we spend less time on commemorating simply our own country (which tends to gloss over our own flaws) and maybe put more energy into understanding the oneness of humanity and the reality of a peaceful, global society.  I believe we are not to:

discourage or stifle reasonable, sane expressions of nationalism. However, if patriotism takes on selfish overtones that promote feelings of superiority over and prejudice against other peoples or nations, or if it otherwise encourages attitudes that seek to exploit or exclude others, then it is very problematic

Well, it IS Independence Day after all, which gives one the right to express an opinion.  I know not everyone reading this will agree with me.  But that's okay.  We just need to learn to embrace our differences!

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