Monday, July 7, 2014

A Work Day

After a lovely interim which included holiday celebrations, family visiting, activities and joyous meals, it's back to reality and a work day - well, such as it is for me, anyway.  Several of my pieces sold in the Gallery this last week (awesome!), so I need to replenish my inventory there, which will entail finishing one that is almost complete and weaving at least two more that have been started.

Paperwork beckons, including planning materials for kits and updating my contact list for classes.  It's time to mail out my new postcards with details of my shows and upcoming classes.  My to-do list (on Workflowy) will grow dramatically, I'm sure, once I get my head around what needs to be done.

And most importantly, my book has been forlornly set aside with all of the company and entertaining.  I want to spend at least a few hours on that today - probably while I get caught up on laundry, but still...

Whatever else must be done, however, the day begins with  filling the bird feeders, sipping a cup of hot, sweet tea, Sophie beside me at the computer, and luxuriating in the quiet, island morning.  And so starts an island work day.

  (Sophie is a desktop....)

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