Saturday, July 26, 2014

My New Shed

Oh the delights of finally having a storage/work shed!  It's not fancy by any means.  But there is now room to store items that clearly were out of place in my miniscule laundry room, as well as shelves for drying driftwood.

One of the highlights is a workbench, especially useful for practicing my newly found craft of working with wood. The mess associated with cutting, drilling, and sanding now has an appropriate area instead of the picnic table on the front deck. Electricity is supplied, at the moment, with an extension cord, but as the shed has both a skylight and a window (with a view of the bay, I might add) there is sufficient light during the day for working in there. I only have hand tools, none of the fancy, power woodworking tools.  But I'm happy. Ah, but now just think of all the organizing and storage that will entertain me for hours.

It is definitely one of the simple pleasures in life.  My, how my life, my needs and wants have changed since coming to the island!

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