Friday, July 11, 2014

Ferry Reservations

Needing to go to Anacortes today for some appointments, I'm learning to navigate the adventure of  leaving my car on the island, walking onto the ferry, taking a bus into town, doing my errands, then taking a taxi back to the ferry landing.

Supposedly we will have the ability to make reservations for the ferry beginning in January, 2015.  Just how well that will work still remains to be seen.  However, it may be easier than the day I have laid out for me.  I just know that there is no way, on a Friday in the summer, that I would be able to get a ferry back in a timely manner if I were driving.

The lines end reservations begin
January 5, 2015

Starting in January 2015, our Save A Spot online reservation system will make it easy to book vehicle reservations to and from the San Juan Islands.

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