Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Am in the midst of changing my work plans for the day.  I was hoping to go gathering driftwood and rocks for weaving, but it's a bit too windy for that to be comfortable today.  So I'm having another cup of tea and then will switch gears, stop procrastinating, and work on my book.

Instead of continuing to research, outlining, and making notes, the next step is to start putting it all together.  In a word, WRITE the first draft.  I keep telling myself that I need more material, need to research more, need to wait.  My other self is getting pretty adamant that I simply need to start the actual writing....if it needs more background, I'll then know it.

So with tea at the ready, and kitty on my lap, here we go! Actually, having Sophie on my lap helps....she is content, and I'm more likely to stay put so I don't disturb her.  I know, I know - whatever!

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